The ArtCollision project creator, Susan Begy, invites artists in other cities to collaborate in bringing the ArtColllision project to their community. 


The curatorial team in a participating city interprets and stylizes the project to reflect its own creative community, designing a process that results in distinct outcomes. For instance, the Santa Fe show was immersed in automotive metaphors which gave it a campy feel. The curators put no rules on the art mechanics, except one: artists could not work on their own piece. Co-curator Kathryn M Davis gave the Santa Fe shop a dramatic flourish with costumes (coveralls) and by keeping the original artists' identities secret until the project’s opening reception. Santa Fe artists completed the "repair" work in their own studios over the course of 5 months.


Future ArtCollision shops are free to add their own twist: put the entire process on display in an exhibition space; expand the definition of artwork; lengthen or shorten the process; present videos alongside the repaired work; or any number of possibilities. 

Art Collision is an exciting project for a community to consider. It's light-hearted yet thought-provoking. It brings emerging and established artists into a playful working relationship of creative problem-solving, highlights local talent, and expresses the creative ethos of a particular place. What region couldn't use some good-natured collaboration right about now?



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